our history

Mohamed Salleh Eusoofjee (MSE) Angullia was an early Singapore pioneer and third generation merchant from Rander, India. Upon his death in Singapore in 1904, he had amassed a fortune from general import/export trade and being Estate & Commission Agents. In his last Will & Testament, MSE Angullia directed some of his properties to be held in Charitable Trust (Wakaf Am) – including Angullia Mosque at Serangoon Road, Singapore.


Since 1904, MSE Angullia Wakaf has been in support of charitable causes & organisations, and provides for less fortunate beneficiaries, as stipulated by the Will, in Mekkah, Madinah, Rander, Baghdad and Singapore. It is still going strong to this very day.


Ahmad Mohamed Salleh (AMS) Angullia, was the elder son and successor to MSE Angullia. He was the first Trustee of his father’s Will and became a successful merchant himself. He died in 1939 and followed in his father’s footsteps and established a Wakaf to help and benefit the poor and the needy.


Today, these two Wakaf endowments continue to strive and enrich the lives of many.

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